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Alliance Labour Solutions is your partner in the provision of a robust flexible staffing solution for your business.

Alliance provides experienced, skilled and right fit candidates for your business. We specialise in the provision of candidates to the Mining, Industrial, Civil and Transport and Logistics Industries however are not limited to this and adopt a process of recruitment that can be tailored to meet the needs of your business or industry. Our success is based on our ability to intimately understand the requirements of your business and match the best fit candidate to your organisation. We are focused on excellence in customer service, looking after our people and are committed to the ongoing safety of our candidates on our client sites.

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Nothing But Professional

Thanks to Alliance I’ve been able to build up my qualifications and experience to get my first full time job in 2 years. They have been nothing but professional and I’ve found they always keep your best interest at heart. Can’t thank them enough and I’m now looking forward to my new career in belt splicing all thanks to Michael and his team at Alliance

Jake Domek

Very Professional and Responsive

Very professional and responsive, always committed to ensure you are looked after on all levels

Iarere Gabriel

Excellent Company to Work With

Excellent company to work with. Staff are awesome. Work is plentiful. Any queries or questions I have, work related or not have always been answered honestly and professionally. Keep up the great work.

Troy Belcher

Easy to Communicate

I enjoy working for Alliance, easy to communicate with my manager and she is very responsive.

Jason Cavanagh

Very Personable

Good company to work for. Very personable and easy going management.

VJ Ieru

Professional and Caring Business

Alliance is a very professional and caring business. I’ve worked with them for many years and would recommend them to anyone.

Nic Holland

Equitable Distribution of Work

I can honestly say that Alliance are completely different to any labour hire company I have experienced previously. From their professionalism and equitable distribution of work and their understanding of your personal circumstances, most staff know the names of my wife and children and ask after them regularly. So if you are hard working, I could not recommended Michael and the team at Alliance more highly. They have honestly changed my life.

Craig Bass

Positive Atmosphere

I enjoyed my time at Alliance thoroughly. The office has such a positive atmosphere, they’re all super helpful and I was made to feel really comfortable during my time there.

Nina Samson

Professional and Proficient Agency

Very professional and proficient agency. Couldn’t speak more highly of them. Would recommend to anyone.

Jonah Lloyd

Approachable, Caring and Understanding

I can honestly state and say that my experience with Alliance was nothing less than of the highest quality. All the staff I was associated with were very professional, approachable, caring, understanding and treated you as a person and not just a number. The staff were very connected to making it easy to join and be associated with an Agency and I was not fed the ‘tell the contractors what they want to hear’ scenario, which was what for many years I was previously told by many other Agencies. I was able to be myself and was accepted totally that I was made to feel like I was a real team member that was appreciated and valued. Michael yourself and your team score a 5 ⭐ rating!!!

Anna Stuart

Great Company

I enjoyed my time working for Alliance. They’re a great company. Very easy and helpful.

Willis Alatini

Our Services

Alliance Labour Solutions provide hiring services for all position with these industries:

Alliance Labour Solutions are available to hire remote and regional mining
development and industrial site projects