Community and Charity Involvement

At Alliance Labour Solutions we recognise the importance of being active and charitable within our local communities. We encourage our staff to participate in a practical sense by gifting our staff with one paid day per year to contribute their time to the charities we are focussed on at Alliance. As a whole business we involve all of our working candidates nationally to support these charities by gifting funds each month to one of the listed charities of their choice in the winning candidates name. We want to create an environment at Alliance where giving back is a part of what we do consistently across our local communities in which we work and live.

As a team at Alliance we have all been touched in some way by our employees, clients or stakeholders dealing with hardship in their life and as a team we have dedicated our focus to the list of charities below and hope to contribute both financially and practically to all the good work these organisations do every day.

We are very passionate as a team about youth and mental health, as we at Alliance employ many young people that are starting out in their careers and have a large cross section of men employed by our business and realise the pressures and emerging issues facing men in our society today and the ripple effect this can have on the wider community. We want to lead our workforce to look out for their mate, ask are you ok and always give someone less fortunate a hand up. We will reward this behaviour and promote this in a consistent way across our business nationally.

List of Organisations:

1. Youth off the Streets (Father Chris Riley): We want to see all young people living in safety. Our goal? To ensure that education, safe accommodation and drug and alcohol rehabilitation are available to everyone.

2. Westpac Rescue Helicopters‘ mission is to deliver immediate medical care and transport a patient in the quickest possible time which can be the difference between life and death

3. Starlight Foundation programs embrace the principles of positive psychology where fun is an important factor in contributing to overall wellbeing. We provide distraction from fear and pain, help sick kids create positive emotions, encourage social interaction, assist with identity formation and build self-esteem. We empower young people to embrace their uniqueness and creativity.

4. ‘Where There’s a Will: The vision is to develop mentally healthy schools within the Upper Hunter-somewhere that children feel safe, valued, and heard. A place where they develop the skills, knowledge and strategies for personal resilience; all positive protective factors that allow them to manage their own wellbeing.